Abstract Submission

Call for Abstract

Please kindly send your abstract to paper.5thsnsg2017@gmail.com before 28 July 2017 (Abstract submission deadline is extended to 4 August 2017). Please format your abstract according to the template provided by the symposium committee and it is recommended to directly write your abstract in the provided template. Please send your abstract in .doc or .docx only format. Do not send your abstract in .pdf format.

For those interested to publish their research paper in the IOPĀ  Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES), please use the English template.

For those interested to publish their research paper in the Proceedings of the 5th Geoinformation Science Symposium 2017 with ISBN, you can either use the English or Bahasa template.

Download link for the template for abstract (English)

Download link for the template for abstract (Bahasa)

The symposium covers (but not limited to) the following topics:

1. Image Pre-processing (Radiometric and Geometric Corrections)
2. Image and Spectral Data Acquisition
3. Image Classification and Enhancement
4. Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS
5. Spatial Data Infrastructure and Basis Data Geospatial
6. Computing in Remote Sensing and GIS
7. Web-based GIS
8. GIS Analysis and Modelling
9. Cartographic Visualization of Remote Sensing Product
10. Analytical Cartography
11. Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Urban Environment
  • Coastal and Marine Environment
  • Vegetation and Forest Monitoring
  • Ecology
  • Health
  • Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Geomorphology and Land Resources
  • Geology and Soil
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Land Use Mapping

12. Remote Sensing and GIS Development, Education and Workforce
13. Toponymy
14. Geospatial Industry
15. Geospatial Education


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